Nightly:Water and Electric:
30 amp W/E                           $28 per night.

Nightly:Water, Electric and Sewer:
30 amp W/E/Sewage             $32 per night.
50 amp W/E/Sewage             $35 per night.

Extra People: 
Day Visitors $2 per person 
(Out Of Park By 10 pm.)

Overnight Extra People $5 each.  
(Maximum of 6 Per Site.) 

All Rates Are Based On Two Adults and Two Children Per Site. 
(Indiana State law allows a maximum of 
6 people per site.) 

 Weekly: Water and Electric:
30 amp W/E                                   $135

Weekly: Water, Electric and Sewer:
30 amp W/E/Sewage                      $160
50 amp W/E/Sewage                      $175

30 amp W/E                   $375  elec. included
30 amp W/E/Sewage      $425  elec. included
50 amp W/E/Sewage      $475  elec. included

Seasonal:  2019 
Water and Electric: $1075 
plus metered electric.
Water, Electric and Sewage: $1125   
plus metered electric.

All Seasonal Rates Are Based On Two Adults and Three Children Per Site. 

Overnight Camping May 1st Through October 1st.